(July 16) Game on tonight  There is a chance of showers, but we will play unless there is thunder or heavy rain at game time – 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(July 8) Another hot day for ultimate  It will be hot again tomorrow – bring plenty of water!  See you at Stout Middle School about 6:00pm.

(July 1) Pack plenty of water  It will be hot tomorrow, so pack plenty of water.  We’ll be playing ultimate as usual at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(June 24) Game on tomorrow  The forecast looks good for tomorrow.  We’ll play ultimate at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(June 17) Game on tomorrow  It should be a beautiful day tomorrow.  Game on, Stout Middle School at 6pm.

(June 10) Ultimate tomorrow  The weather looks good for ultimate tomorrow.  Game on at 6pm!

(June 3) Game on tomorrow  The weather looks great for ultimate tomorrow.  Game on at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(May 27) Game on tomorrow!  Tomorrow may feel like Monday due to the holiday weekend, but it is actually Tuesday and we will be playing ultimate.  The forecast for game time is 72 degrees – pack your gear!

(May 20) Perfect ultimate weather!  The weather tomorrow should be perfect for ultimate:  sunny, 64 degrees, and a gentle breeze.  Game on at 6pm!

(May 13) Game on tomorrow  The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 64 degrees.  I just checked the field and it isn’t too wet!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(May 8) NO GAME this week Unfortunately, despite the weather having cleared enough to play, the field has not yet recovered from all the rain we’ve received. As we’re predicted to get more rain tonight and tomorrow, there will be no game in Dearborn again this week.

(May 7) Game delayed at least a day  The field is extremely wet, and it is pretty chilly outside, so we will NOT be playing ultimate tonight.  Bring your gear again tomorrow, we will try to play if the field dries out enough (we will send an announcement either way).

(May 6) Game on tomorrow!  Pack your gear, it looks like the weather should cooperate for a game tomorrow.  See you at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(May 2) NO GAME this week  The weather does not look like it will be cooperating, with rain scheduled to start right around game time, and I have my doubts that the field has dried out either. For those of you that remember our old playing field by the hill, there was a new shallow lake when I went by last night.

(May 1) NO GAME tonight Unfortunately, with all the rain that we received last night, there is standing water on the field, so there will be no game tonight. We’ll check field conditions and the forecast tomorrow, pack your gear for possible play, if the rain looks to hold off and the field dries enough, the playing conditions should be good (but that’s a lot of if).

(April 30) NO GAME tonight  With temperatures in the upper 40s and a decent chance of rain, there will be no game in Dearborn tonight. Keep an eye out for an email tomorrow, the current forecast doesn’t look great, but the temperature should be much warmer, and the rain keeps shifting. I’ll send out another email to confirm whether or not we’re playing before or around 4PM tomorrow.

(April 23) Perfect weather tomorrow!  Don’t forget to pack your ultimate gear – the weather should be perfect!

(April 22) Game on Wednesday  Due to conflicts for key players, Dearborn ultimate is delayed until Wednesday this week.

(April 16) Perfect weather to play ultimate  It is already over 60 degrees outside, and forecast to be 67 at game time!  I just checked the field – the showers this morning were just enough to soften the ground for comfy layouts, not enough to make it muddy.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School!

(April 15) Pack your gear  Pack your ultimate gear, we will probably play tomorrow (Tuesday).  If it is raining at game time, we will reschedule for later this week.

(April 8) Game on tomorrow!  Tomorrow won’t be quite as warm as today, but it should still be good ultimate weather.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(April 2) Ultimate tomorrow  Spring weather is finally here!  Don’t forget that we are playing Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week.  See you tomorrow at 6pm to enjoy the sunshine and high 50s temperature!

(April 1) Pickup delayed to Wednesday  Our pickup ultimate game in Dearborn is delayed until Wednesday this week.

(March 27) Come out and enjoy the sunny weather!  It is beautiful outside – come out and play some ultimate!  Please try to be there promptly at 6pm if possible, the sun sets at 7:52pm.

(March 26) Game on Wednesday  The forecast looks good for tomorrow – sunny and over 50 degrees.  Game on at 6pm, Stout Middle School!

(March 25) Ultimate on Wednesday or Thursday this week  The forecast shows a warming trend, so we are delaying Dearborn ultimate until Wednesday or Thursday this week.  We will re-assess the forecast and send an update tomorrow.

(March 18) Start of the season, game ON tomorrow!  Temperatures in the mid 40s with light winds, and the field is damp but not soaked. It’s time to get this ultimate season started! Game is on at 6PM tomorrow, Stout Middle School.

(March 11) No ultimate on Tuesday  The field is still very wet, and the forecast shows about 40 degrees at game time tomorrow.  No game tomorrow, but keep your fingers crossed for Wednesday or Thursday this week…

(March 10) Spring ahead to ultimate!  Now that the clocks have advanced, hopefully the weather will too!  We plan to continue our tradition of Dearborn ultimate on Tuesdays at 6:00pm.  But when the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will reschedule to Wednesday or Thursday.  Stay tuned for an email update each Monday, or check the “News” part of our web site: