(December 5) A2U winter leagues  There will be winter indoor leagues near Ann Arbor and Brighton – registration is open December 11 to January 6:

(October 30) End of season tomorrow, game ON!  It is said that all good things must come to an end, and regrettably that also applies to the 2017 Dearborn ultimate season. FINAL GAME of the season is tomorrow night, 5:30 PM @Stout. The forecast is looking a bit chilly, so dress warmly and come on out to wrap up another great season! We’ll be getting together for some food directly afterward, place to be determined, all welcome to join in for that as well. Costumes are welcome, for those looking to extend/jump start their Halloween celebrations.  Sunset is at 6:29 PM, so arrive as early as possible to maximize play time.  Thanks for the great season everyone, and hope to see you out there one last time tomorrow!

(October 23) NO GAME tomorrow; end of the season next week!  Based on the forecast of cold, wet, and windy, tomorrow’s game is canceled. Weather permitting, the final game of the season will be 10/31. Costumes optional, and we’re planning on going to grab some food afterwards to celebrate the end of the season.

(October 16) Game on tomorrow!  The season is winding down, but we still have a few weeks left, so get out before the end of the season. Forecast for tomorrow is upper 60s and moderately breezy. We’ve continued to have decent turnout coming into October, so let’s keep it up until the end. Game is on for tomorrow, 5:30 PM at Stout.

(October 9) Only four games left in the season!  The weather looks awesome for tomorrow.  There are only four games left in the season, so get out and play while you can!  Sunset will be at 7pm, so try to get there at 5:30.

(October 2) More great weather; game on at 5:30  It looks like we will have at least one more week of good weather, with a high around 80 and moderate winds. Game is on for tomorrow, 5:30 PM.

(September 25) 5:30 PM start!  In addition to enjoying the last true warmth of the year, as we move into the autumn season we’ll do our traditional earlier start to allow us more playing time. The start time will be at 5:30 PM tomorrow and for the remainder of the season.

(September 25) Last hot-weather game of the season  The forecast for tomorrow is high 80s – not your typical late September in Michigan!  Bring plenty of water, and enjoy it while it lasts.

(September 19) No game tonight  Due to the ongoing conditions, no game in Dearborn tonight.

(September 18) Another beautiful day for ultimate  Tomorrow’s forecast looks great!  We will start at 6:00, but let’s discuss the possibility of an earlier start next week due to shorter daylight.

(September 11) Ideal weather  The weather looks ideal for ultimate tomorrow – in the 70s with mild winds.  Get out and enjoy it while you can!  Game on at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(September 4) Chance of showers  There is a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon.  Bring your gear anyway, and plan to play unless there is heavy rain or thunder at 6pm.

(August 22) Game on, after the rain  The forecast shows a chance of showers all afternoon, until just about game time.  The field at Stout drains really well, so this shouldn’t be a problem.  We will play unless it is still raining past 6:30pm, so stick around!

(August 14) Looks good for tomorrow  There is a chance of showers before 2pm, then the weather forecast looks good.  Game on!

(August 7) Another beautiful day  The weather looks great for ultimate tomorrow – game on at Stout Middle School, 6pm.

(August 1) Game on  It will be a bit hot, so bring plenty of water. Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(July 24) Good weather again  The weather looks good for ultimate tomorrow – game on at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(July 17) Hot but not muggy  The forecast for tomorrow is hot and sunny, but not as muggy and humid as last week.  It should be a great day for ultimate – game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(July 10) Game on tomorrow!  The rain is clearing up, and the forecast looks good for tomorrow.  Game on at Stout Middle School, 6pm tomorrow.

(July 3) NO GAME tomorrow  Due to the 4th of July holiday, there will be no game in Dearborn tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday, and see you all next week.

(June 26) Ideal weather for ultimate  Tomorrow’s weather forecast looks ideal – low 70s and light winds.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School!

(June 19) Ultimate tomorrow  We should get some relief from the heat tomorrow.  The forecast currently shows a chance of showers.  We will plan to play unless there is thunder at game time – stay tuned for an update tomorrow afternoon.

(June 13) Game ON today!  All of the rain has been removed from the forecast. It’s going to be hot, so bring lots of water. Game is on at 6PM.

(June 12) Game likely tomorrow  There is a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow evening, but the hope is to play unless that chance seems much higher as the time gets closer. Check for an email around 5 to determine if the game is cancelled, otherwise game is on at 6.

(May 29) Game on tomorrow!  Tomorrow should be another fine day for ultimate, highs around 75 with moderate winds. Game on at Stout, 6PM

(May 22) Game on tomorrow!  The weather for tomorrow is looking quite fine, highs in the mid 70s with mild winds. Game is on at 6PM tomorrow.

(May 15) Game on tomorrow!  If you’ve been holding out until the weather gets warmer, then what you have been waiting for has arrived. Game time forecast is for mild winds and temperatures in the low to mid 80s, with any rain having passed through earlier in the day. Game is on at 6PM, Stout Middle School.

 (May 8) Game ON tomorrow!  Tomorrow is looking slightly cool for this time of year, but still quite pleasant with highs around 60 and light winds. Turnout has been steadily increasing, so let’s keep that trend going and start getting into summer condition. Game is ON for tomorrow, 6PM at Stout.

(May 1) NO GAME tomorrow  With predictions of highs around 50 and moderately high winds, in addition to the wet field, let’s save our energy and aim for a good turnout next week. There will be no game in Dearborn tomorrow.

(April 24) Another good day for ultimate  The weather looks good again tomorrow – about 70 degrees and partly sunny.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(April 17) Awesome spring weather!  Tomorrow it will be in the high 60s, mostly sunny, and not too windy for this time of year!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(April 10) Ultimate tomorrow  The weather looks pretty good for ultimate tomorrow – 60 degrees and partly sunny.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(April 4) NO GAME tonight  Due to the combination of wet field, cool temperatures, and wind, there will be no Dearborn game tonight.

(March 27) Game on!  The weather looks good for ultimate tomorrow, with temperatures in the mid 50s.  Game on at Stout Middle School, 6:00pm.

(March 20) First game of the season tomorrow!  The weather is getting better!  It is supposed to be 50 degrees and mostly sunny tomorrow.  I checked the field today, and it is mostly firm and well-drained (although there is a muddy area in the middle).  Game on tomorrow at 6:00 at Stout Middle School (18500 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn MI 48124).

(March 13, 2017) No ultimate in Dearborn tomorrow  Let’s hope for better weather next week…

(January 18) New hosting for Dearborn Ultimate web site  Jon Liebertz generously offered us free web hosting, and he also donated his time and expertise to transfer the web site.  If you know anyone who needs business technology consulting, please refer them to Jon:

(October 31) Last game of the season  Tomorrow will be our last chance for outdoor ultimate, and the weather looks great!  Sunset will be at 6:26pm, so try to get there promptly at 5:30.

(October 24) Autumn weather  Autumn weather is here, but tomorrow should be sunny and not too breezy, with a temperature over 50 degrees.  There are only two more chances to play outdoors this year – get out and enjoy it while you can!  Sunset will be 6:35pm so try to get there promptly at 5:30.

(October 17) 5:30, weather permitting  There is a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, but the temperature looks good.  We will start at 5:30, unless there is thunder or heavy rain.

(October 10) Only 4 weeks left!  Get out and play while you can – there are only four weeks left in the season!  The weather looks great for tomorrow, but sunset is 6:57pm so try to get there by 5:30.

(October 3) Game on at 5:30pm  The weather looks good for tomorrow – low 70s and no rain.  Don’t forget that we are starting earlier – be there at 5:30 to maximize play time before it gets dark (sunset is 7:08pm).

(September 26) EARLIER START TIME  The hot summer weather is over, and so is the late sunset.  Sunset tomorrow is 7:20pm, and it will keep getting earlier.  For the rest of the season, we will begin ultimate at 5:30 instead of 6:00.  Please try to get there on time so that we have enough people to play!

(September 12) Good weather again  Tomorrow looks like another great day for ultimate!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(September 5) Game on tomorrow  Is it really September already?!  Get out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.  It will actually be pretty hot tomorrow, so pack plenty of water.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(August 22) Game on tomorrow  The weather looks good for tomorrow!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(August 16) Game on tonight!  The weather looks good.  I just checked the field, and it is firm and dry despite all the recent rain.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School!

(August 15) Weather doesn’t look good  The weather doesn’t look good for ultimate – rain is likely tonight and all day tomorrow.  Pack your gear just in case, and I will send an update tomorrow afternoon.

(August 8) Game on  Let’s keep up the great attendance – game on tomorrow 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(July 29) Logo contest!  It has been several years since we made a batch of Dearborn Ultimate T-shirts.  I would like to get new shirts printed, but I don’t have any logo ideas.  Please send me your ideas, preferably including a sketch.  The designer of the winning logo will receive a free shirt.  We may also print discs with the logo.  Discraft offers a 20% discount for members of USA Ultimate – is anyone a member?

(July 25) Game on  Let’s keep up the great turn-out – game on.

(July 18) Great ultimate weather!  The forecast for tomorrow is in the low 80s, with a gentle breeze – perfect for ultimate!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(July 11) Bring plenty of water!  It will be hot and sunny tomorrow, so bring plenty of water!  Game on at Stout Middle School, 6pm.

(July 4) Game on tomorrow  A few people are out of town due to the holiday, but we should still have plenty of players.  Game on tomorrow at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(June 27) Not as hot tomorrow  The weather should be perfect for ultimate tomorrow – it will be in the low 70’s at game time.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(June 21) Game on tonight  The weather looks good for tonight – game on!

(June 13) Weather looks good  The weather looks good for ultimate tomorrow – there may be showers in the morning, but it should clear up in the afternoon.  Pack your gear – see you on the field!

(June 6) Chance of showers  There is a chance of showers tomorrow, but we will play unless there is actually rain or thunder at 6pm.

(May 30) Pack your ultimate gear  The weather looks great for tomorrow.  Pack your gear, including plenty of water.

(May 23) It is finally summer!  It should be over 80 degrees tomorrow.  Get out and enjoy the great weather with some pickup ultimate, 6pm at Stout Middle School.  And bring plenty of water to drink…

(May 19) Thursday: Game ON!  We had a great turnout on Tuesday, and sufficient interest in a Thursday game to have one this week. The weather is excellent today, so get out and play if you’re available. Game is on at 6PM.

(May 16) Pack your gear  There is a 30% chance of showers tomorrow, otherwise the weather looks good for ultimate!  Pack your gear – we will play unless it is actually raining at 6pm.

(May 10) No ultimate tonight  It is supposed to rain off and on all day – I don’t want to tear up the field…

(May 2) Great weather tomorrow! The weather looks great for tomorrow – sunny, over 60 degrees, and light wind.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(April 26) Game on tonight!  It looks like we will have enough people to play.  See you at Stout Middle School at 6:00.

(April 25) Pack your ultimate gear!  The weather is a little iffy for ultimate tomorrow, but pack your bags and we will play it by ear.  The forecast calls for rain tonight and a chance of drizzle most of the day tomorrow.  Predicted temperature at game time is 53 degrees.  I will check field conditions and the updated forecast tomorrow, and send a note in the afternoon.

(April 18) Game on tomorrow!  The weather won’t be quite as awesome tomorrow as today, but still great for ultimate.  Game on at 6:00, Stout Middle School.  Unfortunately I will be out of town, so let me know how it goes…

(April 11) RSVP for ultimate tomorrow:  The weather looks pretty good for tomorrow, especially compared to the last few days: “Mostly sunny, with a high near 47. North northwest wind 11 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 22 mph.”  Please email tgleone at gmail if you plan to play, and I will announce the final count tomorrow afternoon.

(April 4) No ultimate tomorrow:  Michigan spring has not really arrived…

(March 28) No ultimate tomorrow:  The field is saturated with water, and the weather doesn’t look great for tomorrow.

(March 22) No ultimate tonight:  Only one person replied that they want to play tonight…

(March 22)  Ultimate tonight?!:  The weather is marginal – high 50s, windy, and a chance of showers.  If you want to play, email tgleone at gmail.  I’ll send an update at about 4:30.

(March 14)  No ultimate in Dearborn tomorrow:  The field is waterlogged and I don’t want to rip up the grass.

(March 10, 2016)  Spring is in the air, and Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend.  If the field dries out enough, we may play our first game this coming Tuesday!  So dig out your cleats, clear Tuesday evenings on your calendar, and stay tuned…