(Oct 30) No ultimate tonight  We will start playing again on March 12, weather permitting.

(Oct 29) RSVP for dinner or game tomorrow  Tomorrow is the last day of the season, because we lose Daylight Saving Time.  Sunset will be at 6:30 and the forecast for game time is 54 degrees, 14mph wind, and 20% chance of rain.  I propose an end of season dinner instead of playing, but I’m open to suggestions.  Please reply with a commitment to either play or dinner.

(Oct 23) No ultimate tonight  Only two people replied that they were willing to play!  No ultimate in Dearborn tonight.

(Oct 22) RSVP for ultimate tomorrow  The forecast shows 50 degrees and windy at game time tomorrow.  Do we have enough diehards for a game?!  If you want to play, please reply.  I will either call for a game or cancel it by 4pm tomorrow.

(Oct 16) No ultimate tonight  The weather is poor and at least two regulars won’t be there, so Dearborn ultimate is cancelled for tonight.

(Oct 9) Game on tonight!  We already have 11 confirmed players for tonight, and I’m sure a few more will show up.  Sunset is at 7:01pm tonight, so please try to arrive before 6:00 to maximize play time.  See you at Stout Middle School, 18500 Oakwood Blvd in Dearborn.

(Oct 8) RSVP for ultimate tomorrow  The weather looks good for tomorrow!  But turnout has been poor recently, and I have to choose between ultimate and a kids event.  If you plan to play PLEASE REPLY.  I will summarize the responses a couple of hours before game time.

(Sep 25) NO ULTIMATE TONIGHT  Dearborn ultimate is cancelled tonight, due to all the recent rain.

(Sep 24) Game on tomorrow  There is a 40% chance of showers tomorrow, but pack your gear for the 60% chance of good weather!  Hopefully see you at Stout MS, 6pm.

(Sep 17) Game on!  You wouldn’t know it from the weather, but it is mid September and winter will be here before you know it.  Get out and play some ultimate while you can!  Game on tomorrow at Stout Middle School, 6:00pm.

(Sep 10) Perfect weather for ultimate tomorrow!  The weather looks perfect for ultimate tomorrow – low 70s and a gentle breeze.  See you at 6pm, Stout Middle School.

(Sep 3) Game on – with photos?  It will be hot again tomorrow – is this really September?  I want to get new photos for the web site.  Can someone bring a good camera to take action photos while we play?  Otherwise we will stage some photos for my cheap camera without a good zoom.  🙂

(August 27) Game on tomorrow  It will be hot tomorrow – bring lots of water!  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(August 21) Game on tonight!  The weather is currently good, and the chance of showers is getting even lower before game time.  See you at Stout Middle School about 6pm!

(August 20) Chance of showers  There is a good chance of showers tomorrow.  But pack your gear and let’s play it by ear until game time!  We will play unless there is thunder or heavy rain at 6pm.

(August 13) Game on tomorrow  It will be another hot one tomorrow – bring plenty of water!  See you at Stout Middle School, 6pm.

(August 6) Game on tomorrow  It will be hot tomorrow, with (as usual this time of year) a chance of thunderstorms.  We will play unless there is thunder or heavy rain at game time.  See you at Stout Middle School, 6:00pm.

(July 30) Game on tomorrow  We had a great game last week.  Don’t let the chance of showers scare you away tomorrow!  Game on unless there is thunder at 6pm.

(July 23) Only a chance of showers  There is a chance of showers tomorrow, but it will be warm and not too windy.  We will play unless there is thunder or heavy rain at 6pm.  See you at Stout Middle School, 6:00pm.

(July 9) Game on tomorrow  The weather looks good for ultimate tomorrow – 83 degrees at game time (and falling).  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(July 3) NO ULTIMATE TONIGHT  I didn’t receive enough replies to be confident we’ll have enough people to play – no ultimate in Dearborn tonight.

(July 1) RSVP for ultimate this Tuesday  Please reply if you will play ultimate this Tuesday in Dearborn.  Some people are out of town due to July 4 and the Ford shutdown.  I will count the replies and post another note confirming whether we will play or not.

(June 18) Game on tomorrow  The forecast for tomorrow looks good – high 70s and only a 10% chance of showers after 1pm.  Game on, 6pm at Stout Middle School.

(June 11) Chance of showers won’t stop us  There is a chance of showers tomorrow, but that shouldn’t stop us from playing ultimate!  If there is thunder or heavy rain at 6:00, we’ll just get a late start.

(June 4) Good weather for ultimate  The cooler weather will be a relief after last week’s heat!  Game on, 6pm tomorrow at Stout Middle School.

(May 28) Game on tomorrow  Don’t forget to pack your ultimate gear.  The forecast looks good for tomorrow – it will be hot so bring plenty of water!

(May 22) Game on tonight!  The field is in good condition and the weather is perfect – game on at 6pm, Stout Middle School!

(May 21) Pack your gear and cross your fingers  There could be a lot of rain tonight, but it looks like tomorrow will be dry.  Pack your ultimate gear; we will double check field conditions and send out another note tomorrow afternoon.

(May 15) Game CANCELLED for tonight.  We were really hoping to be able to get out and enjoy the fine weather; unfortunately, the large amounts of rain over the past few days has left the field very wet. Therefore, in order to avoid destroying the field, there is NO GAME in Dearborn tonight. See you all next week.

(May 14) Pack your ultimate gear!  The weather forecast is promising for tomorrow – about 70 degrees at game time.  But there may be a lot of rain before then.  We will check field conditions and the updated forecast tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll send out a final decision about 4:00pm.  Pack your gear tonight so that you are ready to play!

(May 7) Even better weather for ultimate  Last week we had 7-on-7 with subs!  The weather looks even better for tomorrow (not too windy).  See you at 6pm, Stout Middle school.

(April 30) Warm weather tomorrow!  It will be nice and warm for ultimate tomorrow – about 80 degrees!  Bring plenty of water.  See you at 6pm at Stout Middle School (18500 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn)

(April 24) NO game tonight; Season starts on THURSDAY!  With a few regulars out again, and the weather being a bit uncertain, we will NOT have a game tonight. However, as we’re all anxious to get the season started, we will be having a special Thursday session this week only! The weather is currently forecast to be sunny and in the lower 60s, with only light winds. Therefore, the first game of the season for Dearborn ultimate will be on Thursday (4/26) at 6PM! Hope to see many of you there, and for those of you that can’t make it, the forecast for next Tuesday currently looks good, so we will hopefully be starting our regular Tuesday games next week!

(April 16) No ultimate tomorrow  There will be no ultimate in Dearborn tomorrow.  The weather will be cold and windy, and a couple of “regulars” can’t attend so we probably wouldn’t have enough people to play anyway…

(April 10) NO GAME tonight.  There were only a few positive responses, so there will be no game tonight. Thanks to those who responded.

(April 2) Still waiting for spring…  No ultimate in Dearborn tomorrow.  We are still waiting for spring weather to arrive…

(March 27) NO GAME tonight.  Unfortunately, the weather continues to be uncooperative, with rain predicted much of the day. In order to avoid destroying the field, there will be no game tonight.

(March 20)  No ultimate tonight  The weather is not cooperating – no ultimate in Dearborn this week…

(March 3, 2018)  With the change back to Daylight Saving Time, outdoor ultimate is just around the corner!  As usual, we will be playing on Tuesdays at 6:00pm, at Stout Middle School (address and map link below).  We won’t play this coming Tuesday due to the weather.  Stay tuned for future weeks – updates will be sent to the Google Group (link below) and posted here on the News section of the web site.

Stout Middle School:
18500 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn MI 48124,-83.2191827,14z

Dearborn Ultimate Google Group:


(December 5, 2017) A2U winter leagues  There will be winter indoor leagues near Ann Arbor and Brighton – registration is open December 11 to January 6:

(October 30) End of season tomorrow, game ON!  It is said that all good things must come to an end, and regrettably that also applies to the 2017 Dearborn ultimate season. FINAL GAME of the season is tomorrow night, 5:30 PM @Stout. The forecast is looking a bit chilly, so dress warmly and come on out to wrap up another great season! We’ll be getting together for some food directly afterward, place to be determined, all welcome to join in for that as well. Costumes are welcome, for those looking to extend/jump start their Halloween celebrations.  Sunset is at 6:29 PM, so arrive as early as possible to maximize play time.  Thanks for the great season everyone, and hope to see you out there one last time tomorrow!