(July 9) Lets Plan On Playing Tuesday at 6PM There is a chance of showers tomorrow evening, but not a big chance, so I think we should go ahead and plan to play tomorrow at Stout at 6PM.  Be sure to check this page around 4PM on Tuesday for any updates regarding weather. 

(July 2) Game On Tuesday at 6PM! The weather is looking great for tomorrow!  Based on quick pole from last week, we should have plenty of people for a game tomorrow.  We will play at Stout at 6PM!

(June 25) Plan for Game On Tuesday! The rain forecasted tomorrow should clear up by the evening.  See you at Stout at 6PM on Tuesday!

(June 18) Warm Weather but Game On! The weather is going to be very warm tomorrow.  Please come prepared with plenty of water, and anything else you might need.  See tomorrow at Stout at 6PM!

(June 11) Great weather for Tuesday Game is on for Tuesday.  See you at Stout on Tuesday at 6PM!

(June 4) Game On Tuesday at 6PM The weather is looking good for us to play on Tuesday.  See you at Stout at 6PM!

(May 28) Game Moved to Wednesday There is a pretty good chance of weather on Tuesday this week.  Let’s plan on playing on Wednesday this week instead.  See you all at Stout on Wednesday at 6PM.

(May 21) Tentative Game Tuesday at 6PM Let’s plan on playing on Tuesday.  There is a small chance of rain, so lookout for an update here and in the email if we have to cancel.  Otherwise, see you Tuesday at Stout at 6PM. 

(May 14) Game On! Tuesday at 6PM Weather is looking good for Tuesday.  See everyone at Stout at 6PM.

(May 7) Game Moved to Wednesday There is rain in the forecast for this evening, so let’s plan on playing on Wednesday this week instead.  See you then!

(April 30) Game On Tuesday at 6PM Weather is looking great this week.  Looking forward to playing at Stout at 6PM on Tuesday.

(April 23) Game Moved to WEDNESDAY With the forcasted rain on Tuesday this week, let’s play on Wednesday.  See you Wednesday at Stout at 6PM.

(April 16) Game On Tuesday at 6PM Looking forward to playing tomorrow.  See you all at Stout at 6PM.

(April 9) Great Day for Ultimate Tomorrow Weather is looking great for tomorrow to get in a game of ultimate.  We will meet at Stout at 6 PM!

(April 2) No Ultimate this Week Once again the weather is looking pretty bad this week, cold and rainy Tuesday through Thursday.  Let’s hope for better weather next week!

(March 26) No Ultimate Tonight Due to weather, there will be no ultimate on Tuesday.  Be on the lookout for potentially playing on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

(March 19) Game On Tuesday at 6 Let’s try to play on Tuesday at 6 this week.  The weather might be a little chilly and windy, but I don’t think we should let that stop us.  See you at Stout Middle School.

(March 12) Start of 2024 Dearborn Ultimate Season With the time change this past Sunday, that means we can start the next season of Dearborn Ultimate!  Weather this Tuesday is looking incredible for this time of the year; Sunny with a high of 67. We will start at 6 PM at Stout Middle School.  Look forward to seeing everyone and starting another season!

(October 31) Final Game of the Season Tuesday at 5:30 on Halloween Thank you everyone for a great season of pickup! We will play our final game of 2023 on Halloween at 5:30. I have heard rumors that some people might dress up in costume a bit. I think I plan to come dressed as an ultimate frisbee player. Either way, see you tomorrow. After Tuesday, we will look forward to starting up the 2024 season in March!

(October 24) Two More Weeks! Game on Tuesday at 5:30 It was great to have such a large turnout last week!  Thank you everyone for coming out to play.  The high on Tuesday is supposed to be in the 70s, so come out and enjoy our penultimate game of the season.

(October 17) Great Turnout Last Week!  Game On Tomorrow at 5:30 Despite the cold and wet conditions last week, we still had 7 v 7.  Thank you to everyone who came out to play.  The weather is looking a little nicer for this week, sunny and 55 degrees.  See you at Stout at 5:30!

(October 10) Only 4 More Weeks of Ultimate The weather has cooled off this week, but it is still warm enough for some ultimate!  Let’s try to arrive at 5:30 again this week, with sunset at 7:01PM tonight.  See you Tuesday at Stout at 5:30!