(July 27) Game on: 27 July (tonight)!  Sorry for the late notice. Game is on for tonight, 6PM, Stout. Forecast is for temperature around 87F at game time, mild winds. Should be a good one.

(July 19) Game on: Tuesday 20 July.  Forecast is for temperatures in the mid 80s, with a moderate wind decreasing as the evening progresses. Game is on for tomorrow at 6PM, Stout.

(July 13) NO GAME this week  Due to the forecast and a number of regulars being out of town, there will be no game in Dearborn this week.

(July 5) Game on: Tuesday 6 July  Forecast for tomorrow has some scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon, but hopefully clearing by game time. Temperature will be around 84F at game time, mild winds. Game is on for Tuesday at 6PM, Stout. Future note: Due to several regulars playing in DUFL, which is resuming play this Wednesday, we will plan on regularly playing on Tuesdays going forward for the next few months.

(June 29) Game on: Wednesday 30 June  The forecast for tomorrow is looking good, with game time temperatures around 82F and mild winds. Game is on for 6PM Wednesday, Stout.

(June 22) Ultimate club election  Tomorrow we’ll have an election for officers of Dearborn Ultimate.  This is purely to satisfy FERA (Ford Employees Recreation Association), so that we can continue to advertise on their website.  The officers have absolutely no duties.  You don’t have to be a Ford employee to vote in the election or to hold the office of Secretary (the President, VP, and Treasurer have to be Ford employees).

(June 21) Game on: Wednesday 23 June  The game will be on Wednesday again this week. Conditions look good, with game time temperature around 73F and moderate winds. Game on, Wednesday 6PM, Stout.

(June 14) Game on: Wednesday 16 June  We’ll return to a Wednesday game this week. Forecast is looking very nice, game time temp around 75F and mild winds. Game is on for Wednesday, 6PM, Stout.

(June 7) Game on: Thursday 10 June  Due to the forecast for the week, we’ll plan on playing on Thursday the 10th, normal time and location.
Current forecast is for temperatures around 80F at game time with mild winds.

(May 31) Game on: Tuesday 1 June  The game will be on Tuesday 1 June this week, 6PM, Stout. Game time forecast is for temperatures around 75F with fairly mild winds, in other words, conditions should be pretty optimal for ultimate. Hope to see you
all out there.

(May 24) Game on: Wednesday 26 May Forecast for this week is for moderate winds and temperatures around 80F at game time. There are some storms forecast for earlier in the day, but they should be gone well before game time.  Game is on for Wednesday, 6PM, Stout. Bring the usual gear.  If there still seem to be storms going on in the late afternoon, check your email/the group/however you get updates before heading out, if we need to reschedule I’ll try and send something out by 4PM on Wednesday, but I’m not anticipating that at this time. Hope to see you all there.

(May 17) Game on: Wednesday 19 May  Conditions are looking pretty pleasant this week, game time temp around 80F with fairly mild winds.  Game is on for Wednesday, 6PM, Stout.

(May 10) Game on: Wednesday 12 May  The weather is looking fairly pleasant for this week.  Game time forecast is for temperatures around 60F, sunny, with light winds.  Game is on for Wednesday, 6PM, Stout. Bring water, a mask, a white, a dark, the usual.

(May 3) Game on: Wednesday 5 May  Lots of rain in the forecast for this week, so we’ll be playing on
Wednesday. Forecast is for temperatures around 60F at game time, with a moderate wind, probably pretty similar to the past few weeks. Bring water, mask, white and dark, hope to see you there.

(April 26) Game on: Tuesday 27 April  Forecast for tomorrow is slightly warmer (by which I mean much warmer) than last week, with a game time temperature of 81F with a moderate wind. Game is on for Tuesday. Bring plenty of water as well as the usual stuff. Hope to see you there.

(April 21) Dearborn bonus: Game on, Thursday  We’re taking advantage of the early season and getting in a second game this week. Game is on for tomorrow, 6PM, Stout. Forecast is for temperatures around 50F, moderate winds calming as the evening progresses, and no rain. Bring water, bring a mask, bring a white and a dark shirt, dress warmly, let’s play some ultimate!

(April 18) Game on: Monday, 19 April  Mixing things up a little this week, as the forecast for the usual days looks rather poor (including snow overnight on Tuesday), so we’re going to try and get the game in early this week. Game is on for Monday, 6PM, Stout. Game time forecast is temperatures in the mid-upper 50s with fairly strong winds. Bring water, bring a mask,
dress warmly.

(April 12) Game on: Tuesday 13 April  While not as warm as last week, we should still have some pretty decent conditions for ultimate this week. Forecast temperature in the low-mid 60s at game time, with moderate winds which should decrease fairly quickly as the evening progresses. Bring water, bring a mask, bring a white and a dark shirt, bring yourself. Game on for Tuesday, 6PM, Stout.

(March 29) Game on – Tuesday, 30 March  Looking at the forecast, Tuesday looks like the best weather for this week, game time temperatures will be in the upper 60s with moderate winds (pretty similar to last week, most likely). Bring a mask, game is on for tomorrow, March 30th, 6PM, Stout.

(March 22) Game on, Wednesday 03-24  The forecast is looking pretty good for this week, moderate winds with temperatures around 70F at game time. Bring water, bring a mask, bring a white and a dark, let’s play. Game is on, Wednesday 6PM, Stout

(March 16) Welcome to the 2021 Dearborn Ultimate season!  First off, having read through what I believe is the relevant documentation, we are allowed to play, we are supposed to wear masks and/or stay at least 6 feet apart. For those of you planning on playing club this year, it seems likely that the USAU will be requiring masks at events, so might as well start getting used to it now.

That being said, much as we have in the past couple of years, early in the season we will aggressively target the best weather of TuWTh for playing, and with that in mind, we’ll be opening the season tomorrow. As we did last year, the plan will be to come out, get some throwing in, and play presuming we have numbers/interest (which we most likely will).

Summary: Season starts tomorrow (March 17th), 6:00 PM, Stout Middle School, bring a mask. Weather should be decent, upper 50s with mild winds, let’s play!

(June 9, 2020) Some tossing today!  While there are no plans for an actual game, there will be a couple of people at Stout at 6PM today if anyone else would like to get some throwing in. Bring a face mask, don’t share water, try to maintain distance, etc. Bring water if you’re coming out, it’s going to be hot out. Might play a small game if there are numbers, but expectation is that it will just be throwing. Looking forward, we’re continuing to take cues from what other sports organizations and the USAU are doing, hopefully we’ll be able to start playing regular games again in the upcoming weeks.

(March 23) Suspended for at least three weeks  In accordance with Michigan Executive Order 2020-21, Section 2, Dearborn ultimate is cancelled for the next three weeks. Under Section 7.a.1, however, I believe individuals can get together to throw the disc around, as long as they remain at least 6 feet from each other. More information surrounding the Stay Home, Stay Safe order can be found at

Expect another update on April 12th with information about playing that week, or further cancellations if the stay home order is renewed. Until then, stay healthy, try to start conditioning, and hope to see you all on the field in a few weeks.

(March 17) NO Game this week  Based on the weather, the low turnout last week, and Ford being in a work from home state, there will be no game in Dearborn this week. Going forward, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and will make calls as to whether to have a game each week based on factors such as community transmission, guidelines from the CDC, state, county, and city health officials, and, as always, weather conditions. As of this time, our community does not fall under the guidelines restricting gatherings, and so, weather permitting, we will plan to play next week. Expect another email early next week with information on whether we will have a game, and if so, which day it will be.

(March 9) 2020 Season opens tomorrow!  Our standard time and location will be Tuesday 6PM at Stout Middle School, as it has been the last several seasons. During the early spring season, we will continue our policy of choosing the best day to play based on the forecast, particularly if Tuesday seems as though it will be unplayable. Expect an email on Monday with the day we expect to play that week.  Game on tomorrow, 6PM!